Here you can find more information about the animal Royal gramma / Fairy basslet

Royal gramma / Fairy basslet

Royal gramma / Fairy basslet

Gramma loreto

About me: Hello, I am a king fairy bass. I come from rocky and sandy shores. In this respect I am adaptable with the underground. Because of the rivalry among us perches, you best keep me as the only one of this species.
General information: Male larger than female
Size: 3.15 inch - 3.94 inch
PH value: 7.50 - 8.50
Water hardness: 10.00 - 20.00º dGH
Temperature: 24.00 - 27.00 ºC
Schwimming position: Unten
Aquascaping ?: Loose planting, stones, roots
Feed: Dry/frozen and live food
Minimal tank capacity: 400 liters
Minimal edge length: 47.24 inch
Minimal edge height: Unknown
Origin: Africa
Stream: No
Swarm or group behavior: Yes
Colorful: No
Fresh water: Yes
Salt water: No
Socialization possible: Yes

This are my friends

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Blue phantom catfish
Hemiancistrus spec.
PH value:6,00 - 7,50
Temperature:25,00 - 29,00 ºC
Water hardness:5,00 - 15,00º dGH
Clown loach
Clown loach
Chromobotia macracanthus
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Water hardness:5,00 - 19,00º dGH
Cyrtocara moorii
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Temperature:24,00 - 26,00 ºC
Water hardness:5,00 - 19,00º dGH
PH value:7,00 - 8,00
Temperature:22,00 - 28,00 ºC
Water hardness:5,00 - 30,00º dGH