Here you can find more information about the animal Copperband butterflyfish

Copperband butterflyfish

Copperband butterflyfish

Chelmon marginalis

About me: Hello, I am a representative of the pinnipeds and you should keep me only with enough experience, because I always have my problems with the acclimatization. It is especially difficult for me to get used to not having to search for my food anymore, but to get it as a gift.
Size: 5.91 inch - 8.27 inch
PH value: 7.00 - 8.00
Water hardness: 0.00 - 20.00º dGH
Temperature: 23.00 - 25.00 ºC
Schwimming position: Alle
Aquascaping ?: Dense planting to form hiding places, corals, roots
Feed: Frozen and live food
Minimal tank capacity: 1000 liters
Minimal edge length: 78.74 inch
Minimal edge height: Unknown
Origin: Australia
Stream: Yes
Swarm or group behavior: No
Colorful: Yes
Fresh water: No
Salt water: Yes
Socialization possible: Yes

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