About us

What's behind Fischsuche?

we are Jonathan and Lisa. We are a young couple who have decided to buy an aquarium when we move in together.
In order to have an easier start, we thought: „Oh, there will definitely be something to put together the perfect aquarium with all the fish you want.”
Unfortunately, this was not the case. There are some sites that generate the aquarium tech (such as adjusting oxygen supply, filters, and lights to the aquarium size), but also some that sort the fish into categories such as „fish by water temperature”.
All of this, however, is not what we expected to find.

Since Jonathan knows about computer science and Lisa just thought the project was super cute, we decided to take on this task and create a "fish generator". Our goal is to give beginners in particular the opportunity to put together the inhabitants of the aquarium based on a favorite fish. Since we are beginners ourselves and only one of us has owned an aquarium so far, we have put in hours of work researching fish
and found that it is not that easy to find all the information we have for the fish want to get. We also noticed why a site like ours probably doesn't exist yet: Whether fish fit together in an aquarium depends on an unbelievable number of parameters.
The IT implementation of this project is all the more difficult - fish that fit together, also to be marked as such and to consider any parameter that might be important.

We will continue to work on adding more fish to our database and we are grateful for any picture of fish of which we miss. Because as colorful as our site could be thanks to fish pictures, it is just as difficult to find license-free pictures of all fish, catfish and co. That's why we look forward to your pictures and any feedback on how we can make our site even better.

Have fun finding out which fish YOU could have in your aquarium,
Jonathan and Lisa