Here you can find more information about the animal Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos

Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos

Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos

Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos "Maingano"

About me: Hello, I am a steel blue mouthbrooder. In order for me to feel comfortable, there should be plenty of hiding places made of stone. It is also important that the bottom of the aquarium is made of soft material, such as sand. You can keep me basically well in a group of one male with several females. I should not be kept with fish of the Nonmbuna species, otherwise it can come quite quickly to unrest in the aquarium!
General information: Male larger than female
Size: 3.94 inch - 5.51 inch
PH value: 7.50 - 8.50
Water hardness: 4.00 - 20.00º dGH
Temperature: 24.00 - 26.00 ºC
Schwimming position: Mitte
Aquascaping ?: Stones and planting for hiding places
Feed: Dry/frozen and live food
Minimal tank capacity: 240 liters
Minimal edge length: 47.24 inch
Minimal edge height: Unknown
Origin: Malawisee
Stream: Yes
Swarm or group behavior: Yes
Colorful: Yes
Fresh water: Yes
Salt water: No
Socialization possible: Yes

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