Here you can find more information about the animal Orange Clownfish / False percula clownfish

Orange Clownfish / False percula clownfish

Orange Clownfish / False percula clownfish

Amphiprion percula

About me: Hello, I am a real clownfish. For me to feel comfortable I need at least one of the mentioned anemone species, as they are my home. To make them feel comfortable, your aquarium floor is best lined with coral sand, but by no means live coral. Also, I naturally hoard some food in my anemone, so you may overfeed me a bit.
General information: Can change sex during mating
Size: 2.36 inch - 4.33 inch
PH value: 8.00 - 8.40
Water hardness: 0.00 - 18.00º dGH
Temperature: 23.00 - 28.00 ºC
Schwimming position: Unten
Aquascaping ?: Magnificent anemone, giant anemone, Mertens anemone, roots
Feed: Dry/frozen and live food
Minimal tank capacity: 400 liters
Minimal edge length: Unknown
Minimal edge height: Unknown
Origin: North Queensland
Stream: Yes
Swarm or group behavior: Yes
Colorful: Yes
Fresh water: No
Salt water: Yes
Socialization possible: Yes

This are my friends

PH value:8,20 - 8,40
Temperature:24,00 - 27,00 ºC
Water hardness:0,00 - 0,00º dGH
False percula clownfish
False percula clownfish
Amphiprion ocellaris
PH value:8,00 - 8,40
Temperature:23,00 - 28,00 ºC
Water hardness:0,00 - 18,00º dGH
Pterois antennata
PH value:8,00 - 8,40
Temperature:22,00 - 27,00 ºC
Water hardness:8,00 - 12,00º dGH