Here you can find more information about the animal True palembang pufferfish

True palembang pufferfish

True palembang pufferfish

Tetraodon palembangensis

About me: Hello, I am a real palembang pufferfish. I like to bury myself in the sand. What does that mean for you? I would like to have a sandy bottom. It is the best place to dig and play. You can see that the tank size is 120l. These are to be kept however per specimen of my kind. Well, it is best to keep me in a species tank anyway. Many other fishes just don't get along with my species. Okay, I'll go off digging again...
Size: 3.15 inch - 7.87 inch
PH value: 6.50 - 7.80
Water hardness: 5.00 - 20.00º dGH
Temperature: 24.00 - 28.00 ºC
Schwimming position: Alle
Aquascaping ?: Dense planting to create hiding places
Feed: Live food and also: Snails
Minimal tank capacity: 120 liters
Minimal edge length: 23.62 inch
Minimal edge height: Unknown
Origin: South Asia
Stream: Yes
Swarm or group behavior: No
Colorful: No
Fresh water: Yes
Salt water: No
Socialization possible: No

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